Banking conference in Tehran - August 2014


Back in May 2014, we were asked by people in the Iranian banking industry to introduce two top bankers to speak at “The 5th International Conference on Banking Services Marketing” . Hosted by Financial Services Marketing Center, FSM, the conference was held in Tehran on 17th and 18th August 2014.

Here are some details about the two bankers CAPTO invited to that conference and their presentations.

Iain Allan

Dr. Iain Allan - A visiting professor of Actuarial Science at Cass Business School, Iain was Group Director of Strategy for the once biggest bank in the world (Royal Bank of Scotland) for 14 years, during which time he made important contributions to the establishment of a supermarket banking joint venture with Tesco, to RBS’s successful acquisition of the much larger bank NatWest and to the establishment of a strategic partnership and joint ventures with Bank of China.

Iain delivered two fantastic presentations at the conference in Tehran on 17th and 18th August. In his first speech, Dr. Allan explained about “Financial Supermarkets” (focusing, among other things, on supermarket banking in the US and the UK, and the barriers to entry in retail banking). The title of his second presentation was “Designing Universal Banking Strategy”, with an emphasis on universal banks and the banking crisis, and the situation of universal banks since the financial crisis of 2008.

Peter Goettler

Peter Goettler – A formidable banker, Peter was Barclays Bank's Head of Investment Banking and Debt Capital Markets in Americas, and Chief Executive Officer of that bank in Latin America. Prior to joining Barclays in 2001, and before leaving Merill Lynch as Senior Coverage Officer, Peter was Head of Global Debt Organization, and Head of Debt Capital Markets of Deutsche Bank in North America. Peter graduated from MIT, where he was awarded simultaneous BS/MS degrees in Management.

In his first presentations at the international banking conference in Tehran, titled “Building Universal Banking Product Lines Organically – Investment Banking Case Study”, Peter traced and explained the evolution of universal banking.

Mr. Goettler’s second speech, titled “Managing Culture Between Universal Banking Business Units – Competitive Advantage or Achilles Heel”, concentrated on universal banking model, and the roots/challenges of investment banking culture.

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Iain Allan, addressing the banking conference, Tehran, 17 August 2014 Iain Allan Professor Iain Allan, with Dr. Reza Hamzaee (from USA) unveiling Memorial Stamp of "Iran Bankers Club" during the conference Iain Allan, checking the notes of his presentation Iain speaking to one of the guest speakers of the conference, Dr. Reza Hamzaee (from USA), at a break during the conference in Tehran The conference is about to start. The organization of the conference was impressive Being the head of strategy of the Royal Bank of Scotland for 14 years, Iain Allan is one of the few people in the world who knows everything about "Designing Universal Banking Strategy" Iain Allan, listening to the simultaneous translation of a speaker's speech. The conference hall was equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities The conference organizers handing FSM's memorial gifts to Iain Dr. Allan addressing the conference audience in Tehran, 18 August 2014 Together with some of the guest speakers of the conference. From left to right: David Mallinson (Australia), Peter Goettler (USA), Iain Allan (UK), Robert Patterson (Canada), Reza Hamzaee (USA) Iain Allan, with Peter Goettler, talking to Saeed Alimirzaee, Head of Sargol Publication, and CAPTO's Tehran Director Some of our publications were displayed at the conference. The photo shows the front cover of our translation of "The Morality of Capitalism" edited by Dr. Tom Palmer

Iain Allan explaining about "Financial Supermarkets" and barriers to entry in retail banking at an international conference on Banking Services Marketing, Tehran, Iran, 17 August 2014

Peter Goettler, speaking on the evolution of universal banking, Tehran, 17 August 2014 Peter Goettler Peter is being introduced by the conference organizers, and he thanks the audience applauding him In his second presentation, Peter Goettler explains how universal banking model combines business lines (commercial/corporate banking and investment banking), which have been historically separate in many jurisdictions Peter Goettler listening to the presentation of an Iranian speaker. After his return from Iran, Peter told us that he was really impressed by the speeches of some of the Iranian speakers The massive conference hall was packed with people from the banking industry and other financial sectors In his speech on evolution of universal banking, Peter points out to the challenges global commercial banks face when pursuing a universal banking model, and explains why building such model (either by acquisition or organic build/growth) is difficult Peter Goettler receives memorial gifts from the conference organizers, and greets Dr. Reza Hamazaee, one of the guest speakers who had come from the United States to deliver speeches at the conference Peter Goettler sitting next to Iain Allan from the UK, and Abbas Afshar Abbas Afshar, Head of FSM and the conference General Secretary is addressing the audience at the start of the conference Peter Goettler is one of the world's most amazing bankers. During his time in Barclays' in Americas, he transformed a business comprising fewer than 100 professionals and almost $100 million in revenue to a 2500-person organization with a revenue budget of nearly $1.5 billion Together with some of the guest speakers at the end of the conference. From left to right: David Mallinson (Australia), Peter Goettler (USA), Iain Allan (UK), Robert Patterson (Canada), Reza Hamzaee (USA) Peter Goettler with Saeed Alimirzaee, CAPTO's Tehran Director and head of Sargol Publications. Peter is holding our translation of "Public Choice - A Primer", by Dr. Eamonn Butler Peter Goettler holding another one of our published translations, "The Morality of Capitalism", by Dr. Tom Palmer

Peter Goettler on "Building Universal Banking Product Lines Organically - Investment Banking Case Study" at an international banking conference in Tehran, 17 August 2014


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