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What is The Rule of Law?
What is The Rule of Law? by Leon Louw Rule of Law

What is The Rule of Law? is an inspiring paper written by the South African lawyer and founder of Free Market Foundation, Leon Louw. The paper, originally presented at the African Regional Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in 2007, is now translated and published in Iran as a book.

As the author explains: “The first objective of this paper is to define the rule of law in sufficiently unambiguous and concrete terms to be used as a practical aid in drafting, analyzing and implementing laws; the second is to critique the tendency to use the term as a synonym for whatever anyone espouses.”

Read part of the Farsi translation of this book for free in PDF

Not a Zero-Sum Game
Not a Zero-Sum Game: The Paradox of Exchange, by Manuel F. Ayau Zero-Sum Game

Not a Zero-Sum Game: The Paradox of Exchange is a fantastic little book written by the late Manuel F. Ayau, who passionately believed, and brilliantly argued, that in a market economy based on voluntary exchange, people are constantly competing to make each other richer! As a result of this counterintuitive belife, Ayau boldly declares: “I had no idea that the Law of Exchange had so many surprising and counterintuitive implications. That is why I wrote this book.” He then dedicates his book to: “All the people in the world who – unknowingly and totally disinterested in my welfare – contribute through the division of labor, in infinite ways, to my and my family’s well-being.”. This book is now available to purchase in Iran. Download the first chapter of the book for free in PDF

Foundations of a Free Society
Foundations of a Free Society, by Dr. Eamonn Butler Foundations

Foundations of a Free Society outlines the core principles that define a free society. As the author, Dr Eamonn Butler, explains: “Building a free society is no mean feat. The institutions of today’s (relatively) free societies have been built up over hundreds, even thousands, of years, and reflect the diverse history and culture of their populations. We cannot impose some blueprint on other societies and expect things to work out well. But by helping people to understand the foundation principles that make a free society able to function, we can at least give them the underpinning upon which they can grow their own – or indeed, keep their existing freedoms alive."

You may buy the paper copy of this book in Iran or download part of it for free in PDF

The Morality of Capitalism
The Morality of Capitalism, Edited by Dr. Tom Palmer Morality of Capitalism

The Morality of Capitalism - What Your Professors Won't Tell You is a compilation of inspiring essays and articles edited by Dr. Tom Palmer. It is a book written in defense of an extended order of human cooperation generally referred to as 'capitalism' - a system that has lifted billions of people out of absolute poverty, improved human conditions radically, and transformed our lives beyond recognition in the past 200 years.

Our Farsi translation of this book was first published and distributed in Iran and later in Afghanistan. The book has enjoyed many positive reviews and introductions in at least 15 leading newspapers and magazines in Iran.

The Morality of Capitalism in Farsi is available to order on Amazon, or you may download it in PDF for free

Public Choice - A Primer
Public Choice - A Primer, by Dr. Eamonn Butler Public Choice

Public Choice - A Primer, is written by the British economist and prolific writer, Dr Eamonn Butler, who delves into Public Choice theory and summarizes this complex area of economics in a very clear primer, and helps the reader to understand the limits of the government’s ability to correct market failures. This primer is an important contribution for all who seek to understand better the role that government should play in economic life.

Following the publication of this book in Iran, several Iranian newspapers reviewed the book, and the editors of the massively circulated magazine, Book of The Week, ran an interview with the book’s translator, which can be viewed here. The Farsi version of this book is available on Amazon, or you may download the full book free in PDF

Condensed Wealth of Nations
The Condensed Wealth of Nations, by Dr. Eamonn Butler Wealth of Nations

The Condensed Wealth of Nations, written by Dr Eamonn Butler, is the condensed version of Adam Smith's magnum opus, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which is one of the world's most important books. But as Dr Butler explains: "The Wealth of Nations is around 950 pages long. Modern readers find it almost impenetrable: its language is flowery, its terminology is outmoded, ...and its numerous eighteenth-century examples often puzzle rather than enlighten us today". So the importance of having an easy-to-understand and condensed version of Adam Smith’s masterpiece cannot be overstated. The Farsi translation of this book is available for purchase on Amazon. You may also download the full book free in PDF .

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